Christmas with your folks, Easter with us!

The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming, the short sleeves are back as are the aperitifs in the piazza, the Vespa rides and after months the long-awaited barbecues with meat from your trusted butcher, Il Mannarino!
With the arrival then of Easter and Easter Monday, everything was taken care of because we are never unprepared: our super parcels landed on the online butchery!

Carnival And A Special Parcel!

But for this year, Il Mannarino chooses not to play tricks and to put itself on the line for the most colourful event on the calendar! Amidst sugary sweets and colourful disguises, the tastiest neighbourhood butcher's shop ever launches the Pacco d'oro (Golden Parcel): a parcel full of tasty cuts including stuffed bombette, tagliata sashi, Picanha and sammichele's leg!

Already bored? Try the boiled meat!

Outside the cold and bad days.
At home, the warmth of a slow fire ready to prepare a delicious boil!
From today, Il Mannarino offers you a handy kit in which you can find the right ingredients for a light and tasty dish.

Blue Monday according to Il Mannarino????

Blue Monday, which falls every year on the third Monday of January, is considered to be the saddest and most depressing day of the year, according to a 2005 study. This research was based on an equation that was, however, considered to be unfounded, falling within the realm of pseudoscience. Nevertheless, the idea of Blue Monday has spread throughout the northern hemisphere.

The Mannarino takes you on a skiing holiday! ????❤️

We all know that among the New Year's resolutions is the usual and only classic: eat better, eat healthy, eat less.
It's not easy, it never is but... with Il Mannarino you can start this year with gusto by eating well and keeping fit without losing the enthusiasm that January diets often do!

Bye 2021, thanks for everything! ????

And 2021 is also coming to an end. A fast, confusing year, full of doubts and uncertainties, but also of achieved goals and great satisfaction. A year in which we thought we would finally turn the page on the pandemic period we experienced, but instead it has put us to the test once again.

Christmas at Il Mannarino!????????

Take a breath, clear your thoughts, make a wish... The Mannarino super parcels have finally arrived ???? all to taste and full of surprises! Gourmands from all over the world get together because what we are proposing is unprecedented: two special gift baskets that you won't be able to do without!

Welcome to Casa di Nonna! Mannarino's NEW GASTRONOMY.

Grandma has decided to help us out... by giving us her precious recipes! And you know how it is with grandma... if you don't finish everything, she gets offended! What can I say? Grandma has always worked miracles in the kitchen.