The Manifesto

In Italy you don't eat, you sit at the table.

The very act of eating becomes a search for experiences, connections with traditions, memories and loved ones.

Italy eats when it is hungry for emotions. That is why we have decided not only to sell good food, but also to create moments where anyone can be a protagonist.

We want to focus on experiences and expectations, to create a place where flavours speak of identity and territory, people are the salt and sharing is the natural outline.

For us, all this means eating.

This is the story you will find at our table.

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Chosen. Cut. Grilled.

Who is Il Mannarino?

The Mannarino is first and foremost a dream, that of two young friends who, driven by their passion for good food and meat in particular, set out to revive the ancient art of butchery.

To do things the old-fashioned way therefore the first neighbourhood butcher's shopa reference point for those who love quality meat, but also a place where you can chat at the counter and ask your trusted Mannarino for advice, more than just a butcher. The Mannarino is the passionate guardian of Italian culinary traditions, a craftsman who breeds selected animals with dedication, following the best breeding practices.

For Il Mannarino, the true centre of Italian culture is always the table: that special place where friends get together and enjoy every moment together. We like to create in our butcher's shops the atmosphere that you breathe during one of the Sunday family meals that we have all experienced in our lives: between chats, laughter and good food you feel at home and find happiness!