Who is Il Mannarino?

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The environmental impact of intensive livestock farming is an issue that is there for all to see. Il Mannarino, together with many others who care about this issue, has decided to select small local breeders, who represent the excellence of the new course for sustainable livestock farming, in Italy and abroad.

Selection, research and care in the choice of 'green' farms make up the recipe for actively contributing to the protection of the environment in which we live, so that it can continue to give us the products we love.


We treat our products with kid gloves... literally. Care, attention, hygiene and compliance with regulations are indispensable to guarantee our customers the certainty of eating genuine, fresh and healthy meat.

From the counter of our butcher shops to the kitchen at home, our meat is freshly cut, packaged to preserve its quality and freshness and kept at a controlled temperature throughout the journey.


We have embraced the fight against food waste and work every day to ensure that this practice ceases to exist. We carefully select the quantity and quality of the products with which we stock the butcher's counter so that they are always fresh.

Many tasty recipes can be made from every cut of meat, without ever having to throw anything away. We are proud that we have eliminated the 97% of food waste in our butcher shops, thanks to meticulous management and an 'anti-waste' philosophy passed on to all our employees.

Animal welfare.

We want to protect our customers and help them to be more and more careful about their food, advising them not only on the food itself but also on the entire production chain, from the cultivation of the feed to the breeding, all the way to the table in our neighbourhood butcher shops. Over the years, the issue of animal welfare has been increasingly emphasised as a fundamental factor in guaranteeing the animal an optimal state of health and the consumer a genuine, quality product.

This is why Il Mannarino relies on breeders who guarantee their animals grazing, a controlled diet and a life in contact with nature.

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Who is the MANNARINO?


There is one thing that all Italians miss: the grocer in your neighbourhood, the trusted one who advises you on the best cuts and shows you the steak before serving it to you packaged to take home or before cooking it in front of your eyes for you to enjoy at the moment.

For cuts of meat there is no menu, you choose directly from the butcher's counter. In fact, guests at Il Mannarino can always choose what, how and where to eat... at home or in the room next to the butcher's shop.

Who is the MANNARINO?


Don't be fooled by Mannarino's nerveless hands because they may be iron, but they are also feathery. Meat counter always crowded, apron and bandana knotted, he prepares the best cuts with care but above all with the love of someone who has turned a passion into a profession.

The cleaver of the best butcher in Milan is at work from morning till late in the evening preparing food for you following the recipes of the best Apulian tradition.

Who is the MANNARINO?


The Mannarino's grill is ready to offer you the best meat on the market.

The recipes of the Apulian grandmother you have always dreamed of eating are now within reach of your fork in the heart of Milan, cooked in a flash and served directly to your table.

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