It's time for GOOD NEWS! - 10 euro DISCOUNT on your shopping.

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Nowadays, reading the newspaper in the morning is no longer a pleasure... all sorts of things are happening!

But we at Il Mannarino like to see the bright side in everything and want to put a smile on your face with some good news.

With the PROMO CODE:

you will immediately have one DISCOUNT of 10 euro on your online shopping.

Don't waste time, the promotion is valid up to and including Sunday 1 November, with a minimum order of EUR 60.

You'll be spoilt for choice between bowler hats, trotters and fillets!


But the news does not end there:

are ready NEW PRODUCTS of our butcher's counter!

You can lick your fingers after trying our chicken legs or be warmed by Mannarino's stew on a cold autumn day.

If, on the other hand, the athlete in you won't compromise, keep fit with hamburgers or tender slices of veal.

Now enough spoilers... take a look at the new butcher's counter and discover them all!


Ah, we almost forgot, there is one more piece of good news:

do you know how we deliver the Mannarino package?

Simple, BICYCLE!

Yes, the Mannarino makes all deliveries in Milan with ZERO environmental impact.

Your order will arrive within a pedal turn... and delivery is GREEN!