Bye 2021, thanks for everything! 🥂

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And 2021 is also coming to an end.
A quick, confusing year, full of doubts and uncertainties but also of objectives achieved e great satisfaction.

A year in which we thought we were finally turning the page on the pandemic period we experienced, but instead we were put to the test once again. 

And once again Il Mannarino clenched the axe between his teeth and went on, bowler after bowler, keeping his team united and cohesive. We strengthened each other, we never lost heart and the family grew and achieved great things. 


Another year in which the Italian restaurant industry suffered severe braking, slowdowns and stops. Another year, however, in which Il Mannarino managed to grow further. We left the Milanese walls and landed in Arcore, in dear Brianza, where we opened our 4 butcher's shop.  We have  inaugurated a dark kitchen to reintroduce the much-loved  MannaBurger, we couldn't leave you without it! You can find them on Deliveroo and Glovo!

The butcher's counter has expanded to make room for a tasty selection of cold meats and cheeses - if you haven't tried them yet, run quickly. You won't be able to do without them. 

And then we found a way to reward you, dear and loyal customers, who support us day after day! In fact, through our new app you can accumulate bowler points to receive discounts and promotions.

In what way? Enjoy a meal at our tables, buy our good meat at the butcher's counter or via the online butcher's shop (also on the App) and then upload your receipts directly to the App!
Insomma Mannarino did not lose heartHe never has and he never will because he strongly believes in what he does, in the family he has created and in the goals he sets. 

And all this was possible thanks to our outstanding Mannarini Butchers, always in the front line in the fight against bad quality meat. Thanks to our store managers, who take care of the butchers as if it were their own home. Thanks to our waiters, who dart between the tables with trays full of every delicacy. Thank you to our communication team, the photographers, graphic designers and creative people, who are always full of new ideas and ideas to provide you with inspiring content. Thanks to the administration, the members, and thanks also to those who are writing this article.

Why all of them, we are all The Mannarino and we are thanks to you.

To you who have never left us alone, who have continued to support the cuisine of Il Mannarino and to believe that a different butcher's shop in Italy is possible.

Thank you for being with us in this very special year,  see you again in 2022 in your homes and in our butcher shops, to continue to enjoy together the best of our butchers, meat that is good for you and good for the earth!

Goodbye 2021, and thank you for everything! ❤️