Welcome to Casa di Nonna! Mannarino's NEW GASTRONOMY.

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Grandma decided to give us a hand...

giving us his precious recipes!

And you know how it is with Grandma...

if you don't finish everything, is offended!

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What can I say? Grandma always worked miracles in the kitchen.

How can one resist its delicacies?

And especially how to choose them? His delicate tomato meatballs,

a fresh veal tonnato to accompany these sunny days

or a tasty Russian salad?

Make the right choice, make grandma happy!

You will be able to lick your fingers after trying the fantastic dishes

that Nonna's Gastronomy offers you!

Enough spoilers... take a look at Gastronomy and discover all the goodness! 

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Ah, we almost forgot, there is one more piece of good news:

do you know how we deliver the Mannarino package?

Simple, BICYCLE!

Yes, the Mannarino makes all deliveries

on Milan with ZERO environmental impact.

Your order will arrive within a pedal turn... and delivery is GREEN!

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