The Mannarino takes you on a skiing holiday! 🍗❤️

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The Mannarino takes you on a skiing holiday!

We all know that among the New Year's resolutions is the usual and only classic: eat better, eat healthy, eat less. 

It's not easy, it never is but... with Il Mannarino you can start this year with gusto by eating well and keeping fit without losing the enthusiasm that January diets often do!

In what way?

With delicious WHITE MEAT!

And to simplify it all, we have created a package for you: the 'FROM MONDAY DIET' which contains turkey strips with vegetables, slices of turkey, chicken breast pasta and tender veal burgers. 

So to start the year off on the right foot, we've given you a helping hand! 

Now all you have to do is go to our online butcher's shop and with a simple click buy the parcel! 

In a few days it will be at your home and you can start the tastiest diet you've ever had 🙂
However, we want to hear from you and why not also some recipes to inspire us for our new menus that will sooner or later arrive on our tables with a surprise effect!

So all you have to do is buy the pack, put on a super apron and unleash all the imagination you have to create a light but delicious dish! We believe in you 💪🏼

Then send us the recipe and a photo by direct posting on our Instagram account -@ilmannarino - or tag us directly on your stories!

We look forward to it ❤️