Carnival And A Special Parcel!

Reading Time: < 1 minute

At carnival, every joke counts... always!

But for this year Il Mannarino chooses to play it safe and get involved in the most colourful event on the calendar! Amidst sugary sweets and colourful disguises, the tastiest neighbourhood butcher's shop ever launches the Golden parcela parcel full of tasty cuts including stuffed bombette, sashi tagliata, picanha and sammichele zampina! 

But that's not all... in just three packages you can find the golden ticket! A special ticket that will give the lucky ones the opportunity to become CAPE MANNARIN in the blink of an eye👀

What does it mean to be 'CAPO MANNARINO'? 

It is the level higher of our FidelityApp that allows you to get ✨10% discount on all your purchases + €10 per month✨ for your shopping via app and in the butcher shop!

In short, this carnival will be more special than past ones, and not only for the three lucky winners.

Because The Mannarino always thinks of everyone and even those who don't get the golden ticket will take home a small prize in addition to a tasty parcel. 

So don't stop at this reading, go to our online butcher shop and try your luck by buying the perfect package for a colourful carnival! 

May luck (and hunger) be with you!