Art according to Il Mannarino!

The leading brand of butcher's shops with kitchen, a reference point for lovers of good, quality meat, on the occasion of International Museum Day (18 May) offers a special initiative aimed at its customers. In fact, on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 May, in all the cities where the brand's neighbourhood shops are present, it will be possible to obtain a discount of 10% on their dinners or lunches by presenting an entrance ticket to a city museum dated 20 or 21 May.

The Mannarino in Busto Arsizio!

Even in Busto Arsizio, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, you can finally taste the legendary bombette!
As the first butcher's shop with a kitchen, Il Mannarino opened its eleventh restaurant with a big party open to the public.
The new Mannarino in Busto Arsizio welcomes customers with its warm and familiar furnishings, iconic yellow and green colours, handmade ceramics and the ever-present Apulian olive tree in the centre of the room. At the entrance to the shop is the large butcher's counter, where you can choose from the not-to-be-missed bombette, succulent rib steaks, arrosticini and many other appetising cuts of meat. There is no shortage of dishes from the 'A casa di nonna' delicatessen, including tasty meatballs in tomato sauce, broad bean and chicory puree, lasagne and many other dishes!

Il Mannarino is in Brescia!

The Mannarino, neighbourhood butcher's shop with kitchen, is ready for a new adventure: Brescia is here, heat up the grills!
Italy's best-loved butcher's shop with kitchen has crossed the Milanese border for the second time, arriving directly in Brescia!
Your new favourite butcher's shop, your new favourite restaurant, a meeting point for a good dinner with your friends based on Pugliese 'bombette' and other specialities of the Italian culinary tradition!

Happy Birthday Mannarino!

It is already three years since Il Mannarino opened its first butcher's shop in Piazza De Angeli in Milan.

Butcher's shop with kitchen, restaurant, meeting place, laughter and good food ❤️

3 years of bowler hats and new openings, 3 years of smiles and satisfaction, of sacrifices and hard work, 3 years of new friendships and encounters, of changes, 3 years in which we always had to put ourselves on the line for one reason or another. 3 years of dinners with you by the light of Primitivo and Sammichele paws.

Grill In The Farmhouse!

The Mannarino goes out of town for a unique occasion!
In cooperation with CentroFrutta on Sunday 24 April, we look forward to an unprecedented event: amidst rows of peach trees and tulips in bloom, in contact with nature and spring air, with live music and glasses of wine, you can enjoy an excellent lunch at Cascina Pizzo.

Goodbye 2020 and thank you for everything.

farewell 2020

The worst year in history is finally coming to an end.
This 2020 took a lot from us, but it also taught us the value of small things.
We learned to appreciate noisy neighbours, those who hang pictures at 9am on a Sunday morning but with whom we sang every night outside the balconies, we all felt digital natives and the hours spent teaching our parents how to use FaceTime no longer seemed like wasted time. We all discovered ourselves a little more runners, a little more bakers, a little more musicians, a little more tiktokers, a little more Italians.

Mannarino Academy - Guide to the end-of-year exams!

Mannarino Academy

It is exam time for all students in Italy and Il Mannarino has also decided to test its students.
The Il Mannarino Academy, where the legendary neighbourhood butcher makes all the secrets of meat and his love of cooking available to his pupils, has reopened its doors.

The Mannarino Academy - Educational dinner

When we were children and were asked at school 'what job do you want to do when you grow up?' no one answered 'butcher'. Time has passed and today we want to revive and make known this noble art and all the excellent products it handles. In fact, the Academy of Butchery is opening!

Fires in Australia - The Mannarino saves Koala

the mannarino koala

The fire situation in Australia does not look likely to improve in the short term. Indeed, the fire season is still long and temperatures, which are already at an all-time high, are expected to continue rising, further fuelling the flames, which could burn up to 15 million hectares and exterminate millions of animals.

Zampina di Sammichele: a Unesco heritage site

Among the wide selection of our meats, there is a dish that may seem niche but attracts gourmets from all quarters. We are talking about the Zampina di Sammichele, a traditional sausage that has been sweeping the hearts of the people of Bari and beyond for generations. In fact, if this curious speciality was born in Sammichele di Bari, today it has spread throughout Apulia and more recently has even immigrated to Milan!