Grill In The Farmhouse!

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Sunday at Cascina Pizzo between Strawberries and Bombette - 24 April 2022

Il Mannarino goes out of town for a unique occasion! 

In cooperation with CentroFrutta on Sunday 24 April, we look forward to an unprecedented event: amidst rows of peach trees and blossoming tulips, in contact with nature and spring air, with live music and glasses of wine  you can enjoy an excellent lunch at Cascina Pizzo.

We will start with a tour of the farmhouse to discover the secrets of the Scotti family followed by a picnic among the orchards with products from Centro Frutta Milano, the Mannarino barbecue and live music by Matteo Ghione that will accompany this beautiful day in the countryside! 

What are you waiting for?

Buy the your presale here and come and enjoy this spectacular day!