Goodbye 2020 and thank you for everything.

farewell 2020
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The worst year in history is finally coming to an end.
This 2020 took a lot from us, but it also taught us the value of small things.
We learnt to appreciate noisy neighbours, those who hang pictures at 9am on a Sunday morning but with whom we sang every night outside the balconies, we all felt digital natives and the hours spent teaching our parents how to use FaceTime no longer seemed like wasted time. We all discovered ourselves a little more runners, a little more bakers, a little more musicians, a little more tiktokers, a little more Italians.

We missed the club below the house that kept us awake on Friday nights with its noisy hubbub (sorry, neighbours), the Sunday gelato on the Navigli, the aperitifs in Piazza Affari, the crowds in Piazza Duomo.

What about Mannarino?
Mannarino did as you all do, he clenched the axe between his teeth and tried to get by, bowler after bowler, keeping his team united and cohesive.
During the first lockdown we did not lose heart, we opened in record time our online butchery and we converted our wait staff into riders, to deliver meat first throughout Milan, then throughout Lombardy and finally throughout Italy.
In a year in which the Italian restaurant industry has suffered severe setbacks, slowdowns and stoppages, Il Mannarino has managed to grow again.
After opening a new store in the Republic of Bombette in early 2020, starting to deliver meat to all Italians, and opening its third butcher's shop in Fiamma, today Mannarino has also opened its delicatessen service and delivers hot, steaming ready meals to the home.

The merit of this?
We would like to tell you that it is all thanks to our extraordinary Mannarini butchers, always in the forefront of the fight against bad quality meat, or that, to a large extent, our success is due to our waiters, who dart between the tables with trays full of every marvel.
We would like to tell you that the credit belongs to the team in charge of our communication, the photographers, the graphic designers, the creative people, who are always full of new ideas and ideas to give you stimulating content, or that it is the marketing team, who bring you bombs and costumes at stellar prices. We would like to tell you that it is thanks to the administration and the partners, or perhaps the very person who is writing this article.
Not so.
The credit goes to you, who have never left us alone, who have continued to support the cuisine of Il Mannarino and to believe that a different butcher's shop in Italy is possible.

Thank you for being with us in this difficult year, see you again in 2021, at home and in our butcher shopsto continue enjoying the best of Il Mannarino's butchery together.
Goodbye 2020, and thank you for everything!