Happy Birthday Mannarino!

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They have already passed 3 years since Il Mannarino opened its first butcher's shop in Piazza De Angeli in Milan. 

Butcher's shop with kitchen, restaurant, meeting place, laughter and good food ❤️

3 years of bowler hats and new openings, 3 years of smiles and satisfaction, of sacrifices and hard work, 3 years of new friendships and encounters, of changes, 3 years in which we always had to put ourselves on the line for one reason or another. 3 years of dinners with you by the light of Primitivo and Sammichele paws.

Three beautiful, unrepeatable years that are the drive and strength to always do better, to look ahead with extra energy. 


Happy birthday to us and also to you who are part of this beautiful extended family!