Mannarino Academy - Guide to the end-of-year exams!

Mannarino Academy
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Put yourself to the test with the Il Mannarino Academy

It is exam time for all students in Italy and Il Mannarino has also decided to test its students.
The Il Mannarino Academy, where the legendary neighbourhood butcher makes all the secrets of meat and his love of cooking available to his pupils, has reopened its doors.

You will learn how to juggle bowler hats, trotters and florentines, without neglecting the most important part of every lesson: practice!
Making, and then eating, all guided by the skilful hands of Mannarino and a good dose of his best Primitivo.

The lessons of Il Mannarino begin, and they start with a great Apulian classic: capocollo di Martina Franca!

Directly from the Itria Valley, we select the finest capocolli, which are dry-salted, marinated, smoked, and aged for at least 120 days strictly in the trulli of the Murge!

After a light taste of Puglia's best-loved sausage, it's time to get serious! Here is the legendary Tartare from Il Mannarino, knife-cut before your eyes and seasoned directly by you. Don't worry, our head butcher will follow you every step of the way, revealing the secrets of Milan's best-loved tartare

]And now the most eagerly awaited dish.
The legendary Bombette by Il Mannarino.
The secret to a perfect bowler hat? Put a lot of love into it!
Fold the flesh as if you were tucking in your child, brush it gently as a painter does his canvas, and seal it as if you were about to mail a love letter.

Not even time to take a break and it's time for knife-pointed sausages and trotters. A brief background on the history of these two cornerstones of Apulian culinary tradition and then you can bite into them right away!
Are we at the end? Not by a long shot! The best is yet to come!

I hope you have left some room for the grand finale.
Costata and Fiorentina coming up.
What are the differences between these two prized cuts? What is the best way to cook them? One thing you will definitely learn, how to eat them!

The Mannarino Academy is so much more!

Check out the gallery below with the best moments straight from the first lessons and don't miss the next one.
Every Tuesday in our butcher's shop in Via Carlo Tenca.
Classes start at 8pm, click the link to book!