Fires in Australia - The Mannarino saves Koala

the mannarino koala
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Fires in Australia have destroyed much of the forests and with them the animals that lived in them

The fire situation in Australia does not look likely to improve in the short term, indeed, the fire season is still long and temperatures, which have already reached an all-time high, are expected to continue rising, further fuelling the flames, which could burn up to 15 million hectares and exterminate millions of animals.

Mannarino took this situation to heart and therefore decided to donate 1€, for every booking that is made, to WWF with the 'Adopt a Koala'.

Active project to rescue and protect endangered koalas. Recovery centres will be funded to rescue and care for injured koalas, and work at a political and social level to raise awareness of the ongoing tragedy.

The initiative will be valid during the week of Monday 13 to Sunday 19 January.

Adopt now and help us protect koalas and save them from extinction!
Join the initiative!