"Venghino Gentlemen, the Mannarino cold cuts and cheeses have arrived!"

Salumi del Mannarino

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Mannarino has unleashed another Bombetta, a super novelty: cured meats and cheeses for every palate! An authentic and quality shopping experience with a wide selection of artisanal products, involving over 100 Italian producers who are constantly committed to identifying the best practices of tradition, with a special focus on organic products. The Mannarino wants to [...]

Le Chicche Del Mannarino: Bavarian Frollatura 100giorni

Reading Time: < 1 minute With love, passion and dedication, Il Mannarino and its experts select the finest cuts from the best national and international extensive farms. For us, the search for quality, the desire to pass on the knowledge of "eating well" and the continuous awareness that in a better world, eating meat is possible, but above all, [...]

Become a real Mannarino! 🔥

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dear friends and meat lovers, this is Il Mannarino writing to you and announcing the launch of his new App! Have you already downloaded it? No? What are you waiting for? It's fast, simple and fun! Once downloaded you can accumulate points to receive lots of discounts and benefits! "With what purchases - you may be wondering - do I accumulate [...]

Is eating meat bad for you?

butcher's shop the mannarino

Reading Time: 3 minutes What has just passed and, in part, what we are still living through today has been the strangest and most absurd year of our lives. If someone had told us a year ago that we would be stuck in our homes, in our municipalities, within our regions, we would not have believed them. We always took it for granted that we could [...]