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Is eating meat bad for you?

What has just passed and, in part, what we are still living through today has been the strangest and most absurd year of our lives. If someone had told us a year ago that we would be stuck in our homes, in our municipalities, within our regions, we would not have believed them. We always took it for granted that we could go wherever we wanted and that we did not have to account to anyone but our boss for days off. Within our own homes, we have been able to reinvent ourselves, discover new pastimes and become passionate about new things. We became fitness gurus, master bakers and novice Mannarini.
In short, this year has taken a lot from us but it has also taught us a lot. It has reminded us of the importance of never underestimating anything, of thinking about our health, the health of our loved ones and our lifestyle, especially when the latter has had to adapt to new rhythms, to a new daily routine. It is no great discovery to realise that this year has made us much more sedentary than before. And no, watching some personal trainer's live feed doesn't count, not to mention the fact that the Mannarino knows full well that every time you posted a photo in your sportswear you were probably just going to take out the rubbish. Don't lie!
But the secret to a good start is always one: love each other and stay fit! Of all the advice Mannarino has dispensed so far, this is the most sincere he can give you.


How to do it? It's very simple!
Definitely follow the mediterranean dietas if it were a real lifestyle, rather than just a list of permitted foods. Eating well, in a varied way but above all, consciously.
Mannarino has gone into a lot of depth and, as always, he is always keen to share all his knowledge, not just when it comes to Bombette! So get out your school books and let's start a nice review on nutrition and the Mediterranean diet, and don't worry Mannarino is not your dreaded high school science teacher, you won't get any 3's on your report card, don't worry!


When we talk about a varied and balanced diet, we can hardly refer to all the varieties of sweets in the kitchen cupboard. On the contrary, a diet that is as balanced as possible includes a consumption of fruit and vegetables at every meal, preferably in season. I products of animal origin, such as meat and fish, are always present in this type of diet. In addition to being important sources of protein, all these foods also provide essential vitamins and minerals for our bodies, such as iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin B2 riboflavin and vitamin B6, which are indispensable for growth.
Here we touch on a point that still agitates some souls who, every time they pass in front of the Mannarino shop windows, fascinated by all those tasty delicacies, wonder: "Is eating meat bad for you?"
The immediate answer is: "No, it doesn't hurt!" but... because yes, as in all things, there is a but.


No, eating meat is not bad for you but you should not do it in excessive quantities, a bit like eating too much pasta, too many legumes, too many eggs and too much of everything (yes, including chocolate). As the saying goes "Too much is too much,' right?
Yes, we have unravelled the mystery: you can eat meat, indeed you must eat meat, but respecting guidelines for a healthy diet and with an awareness of the product, its quality, its origin. The Mannarino always reminds you: trust only your trusted neighbourhood butcher! Meat brings great benefits to our bodies: it is a source of high-quality protein of high biological value, not comparable to proteins of vegetable origin, it contains amino acids used by the body for metabolic processes, it is rich in minerals and vitamins, the latter contributing to the formation of red blood cells and the functioning of the nervous system.


In short, all this flab has to be eaten and has to be eaten from a young age and into adolescence because of its high protein content. All this meat stimulates the secretion of growth hormone: essential and primary for our little ones. But above all, it should also be eaten once you are past the age of TikTokers, because the high concentration of mineral salts is invaluable for pregnant women, the elderly and people suffering from anaemia.
So dear friends of the Mannarino, what was the lesson today? Meat is good, it's good for you, especially if it's Mannarino's, but you should never abuse it. So I recommend: eat it but with the right frequency and above all with the right quality, on pain of Mannarino's reproaches the next time you see him in Butcher Shop!


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