Le Chicche Del Mannarino: Bavarian Frollatura 100giorni

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With love, passion and dedication The Mannarino and its experts

select the finest cuts from the best national and international extensive farms. Fundamental for us is the search for quality, the desire to transmit

the knowledge of 'eating well' and the continuous awareness that

in a better world, eating meat is not only possible, but above all, it must be done.


Today Mannarino presents his first treat: LA BAVARESE - maturation 100 days

A cut with a fine marbling, rich in nuances and different flavours.

Straight from the Bavarian pastures, this is Grass-fed meat.


But what is the particularity that distinguishes this cut?

Obviously the 100-day maturation.

The selection and processing process is carefully followed in every single step.

But let us see what happens:

  • A sirloin with very specific characteristics and a specific marbling is selected, in this case our Bavarian
  • Beef fat, a very fragrant fat, is used,  melts and spreads evenly over the entire loin
  • This is followed by maturation, a 100-day process, and remember that the longer the period between slaughter and sale of the loin, the more tender and tasty the fibres become
  • The result? A very special meat, with a unique aroma, texture and tenderness

So, to recapitulate...

With the Bavarian 100g your palate will witness a  proper

explosion of intense flavour and extreme tenderness.

The Mannarino and its delicacies: Bavarian Frollatura 100gg.

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