"Venghino Gentlemen, the Mannarino cold cuts and cheeses have arrived!"

Salumi del Mannarino
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The Mannarino dropped another Bombetta, a super novelty: charcuterie and cheeses for every palate! An authentic, quality shopping experience with a wide selection of artisanal products, involving over 100 Italian producers who are consistently committed to identifying the best practices of tradition, with a special focus on organic products.

The Mannarino wants to rediscover the taste of shopping 'like in the old days' but with a modern, digital approach. Gastronomic delicacies can be purchased in all four butcher shops, on the online butcher's shop or enjoyed comfortably seated at the restaurant table thanks to a new, mouth-watering chopping board soon to be available on the menu.
The 14 selected cured meats come from small Italian producers, who guarantee exclusively Italian meat, with no added additives, such as Prosciutto Crudo Dop Langhirano, with a maturation period of 24 months and a long history of tradition, or the award-winning Prosciutto Cotto hand-tied and cooked outside the mould for 24 hours. One cannot overlook the organic bacon cooked and smoked in three stages, the delicious mortadella, produced in Bologna and enriched with real Bronte pistachios, as well as bresaola from Valtellina, salami from Varzi and Piacenza, organic guanciale and sweet seasoned lard. The flagship products are Capocollo di Martina Franca, a symbol of the ancient art of pork butchery in Martina Franca, and the irresistible Speck with blueberries!

Equally rich, tasty and of high quality is the selection of cheeses, all PDO and PGI certified. There are 12 varieties to choose from, made exclusively with Italian milk and also coming from small, prestigious companies, a guarantee of native and genuine products. You will find the delicious stracciatella and burrata, both handmade and zero-kilometre, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, shipped fresh daily from the South, as well as Parmigiano Reggiano and top-quality taleggio and gorgonzola cheeses. In short... you'll be spoilt for choice!
"With the new products we have introduced, we want our customers to experience the authentic ritual of shopping in a neighbourhood shop, with a broader offer that meets every need,' say Filippo Sironi and Gianmarco Venuto, founders of the store. 'The cured meats and cheeses that are now part of the Il Mannarino proposal are the result of a great deal of research and selection, high quality artisan products, good for people and the earth, chosen from small and excellent Italian companies.

Mannarino's cured meats and cheeses are the icing on the cake perfect for returning to the shop.
Between an eighth of crudo and a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano, those who shop at Il Mannarino will be able to complete their purchases with tasty gourmet dishes such as meatballs with grandmother's gravy and delicious broad bean and chicory puree, Apulian caponatina or traditional parmigiana but with a lighter version, and much more!

Il Mannarino has 3 outlets in the city of Milan - the first opened on 21 June 2019 in Piazza De Angeli 1 followed by two others, respectively in Via Carlo Tenca 12 and Via Galvano Fiamma 4/6 - and 1 in Arcore - in Via Alfonso Casati 80 -. To discover the world and the e-shop of Il Mannarino, visit the official website shop.ilmannarino.it.