The Chianina breed - November 2019

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The queen, the tenderest, the most famous, the most recognisable...Butcher Mannarino has his eye on her.

We are talking, of course, about Chianina meat.

Considered the best meat for the Fiorentina steak, the Chianina is, however, a breed with many qualities characterised by an intense, aromatic flavour and a lean, delicate meat.It wasn't easy to convince the southern meat-eaters to welcome it on the counter, but once tasted, cooked just right on our grills, no one was able to resist!

On the other hand, the Chianina beef has a very ancient history: it is the oldest breed of cattle in the world, bred for more than 2,000 years on the banks of the Chiana River, but also one of the largest and most majestic with its almost 2 metres at withers. A beast of incredible size that was initially used as a draught animal, at least until a Mannarino Australopithecus began using its prehistoric cleaver.
And so today the undisputed Lady of all meats is also available in our local butcher's shop.