Christmas comes with the Friesian breed

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Christmas comes with the Friesian breed

Christmas is approaching and with it, so is Santa Mannarino, ready to deliver a very special meat to all carnivores in Italy.

We are talking about the Friesian breed, straight from the land of Father Christmas, the Finland.

This particular variety is also called the European Wagyu and is often compared to the Rubia Gallega because of the tenderness of its meat. Very important comparisons, however, that seem to do justice to the quality of this breed as confirmed by the latest World Steak Challenge Londonin which the Finn took home no fewer than four gold medals, being awarded the best steak in the world.

A meat that, among other things, lends itself well to long maturation resulting in a very intense, full and pleasant flavour.The Finnish cow, in fact, is rich in fat with which the animal has adapted to survive the harsh temperatures of northern Europe.
But don't think that the cold weather has diminished the softness of the meat, quite the contrary.The grass and maize diet and the special care they take in breeding (strictly family-based) makes the texture of the Finnish breed soft and tasty.This is certainly not the only special feature of the Finnish breed, quite the contrary. The line that will occupy the butcher's counter at the Mannarino is the scottone, i.e. young heifers, and this particular type of Finnish Friesian is fed chocolate. This serves to make their meat tastier, but not only. In fact, chocolate is rich in sugars that are burnt by the muscle fibres before the fat, preserving it.Moreover, it seems that these particular creatures are fond of chocolate and giving them such a vice is also very good for their mood!

To discover the full flavour of this truly only we are waiting for you in the butcher's shop.
Come and celebrate Christmas with the best possible company: no, not relatives, but the Mannarino branded steaks!