Republic of Bombettes

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Republic of Bombettes

The King of Butchers in Milan doubles its meat counter by opening a new butcher's shop in the Repubblica area, for the occasion renamed Republic of Bombettes.

The word has already spread all over Milan: the neighbourhood wives have been talking of nothing else for weeks, the church parvises are overrun with whispers, the sciureas in the city centre gates are exchanging fleeting glances at the market, and even the children playing in the square have only one thing on their minds...

Today we can give you the official news, yes: the Mannarino is opening a new butcher's shop!

The neighbourhood chosen for the advent of Italy's best-loved bowler hats is Milan's Repubblica, on the opposite side of the city from the already historic De Angeli location.

Repubblica - Stazione Centrale is a district that is experiencing strong growth and redevelopment, and the Mannarino will be located at Via Tenca 10, exactly halfway between Stazione Centrale and the Repubblica metro station.

The air of internationality in the area will certainly be good for our butchers who are already packing their knives and skewers to conquer the whole of Milan to the sound of steaks and Primitivo, but don't worry, our first location will always remain operational!

Milan will soon be wrapped like a bowler hat between the two edges of the Mannarino, but you choose the stuffing!