The Romagnola breed - October 2019

La Romagnola The Mannarino
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The best meat from Romagna has arrived!

Ah the Romagnole...
Shapely, soft, tender, just the right amount of fat.
Beautiful to look at and even more to taste.
No! We are not crazy...

We are talking about the cows of the Romagnole breed!

From today, the sharp axe of our Mannarini will also fall on the delicious meat of Romagna.
This species is part of the cattle protected by the Consortium of the Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale (White Calf of the Central Apennines), extending over several Italian provinces in the Centre.
Romagnola meat has very ancient origins and the best meat theorists still debate various hypotheses: the most traditionalists are convinced that the Romagnola breed migrated from the north, from Teutonic countries or with the Lombards. Others firmly believe that it was Attila's Huns who brought the cattle to the Bel Paese. Yet another theory posits that the Romagnola cow was born and bred in Italy and was then exported by the Romans. We, however, who are much more pragmatic, pay no attention to such sophistication.For us, the only thing that counts is the taste the meat will have in our mouths and the sensation it will give us in our stomachs. A lean meat, with a very fine marbling, and low in cholesterol, thanks to its excellent muscle growth capacity. We are waiting for you at the butcher's to discover the uniqueness of the Romagnola breed, one of the most prized and hard-to-find meats, 100% Made in Italy.