All the benefits of a carnivorous diet

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Eating meat is good for your health - yes!

It is good for our brain development, skeletal and muscle growth, and even increases fertility.
Last week some unfortunate person informed our Mannarino that there are people in the world who do not eat meat by choice. He was genuinely shocked by this and has been sitting on a stool in the butcher's shop ever since, staring at his cleavers and beloved bowler hats spinning in the rotisserie.
To try to revive him from his torpor and restore his classic plump, reddish colour, we did extensive research into all the benefits that a carnivorous diet can bring.
In recent years, the debate between carnivores and vegetarians has intensified greatly and heavy and often unfounded accusations have flown from both sides.

Make no mistake, although Il Mannarino obviously has implicit preferences, it respects all ideologies and thoughts on food. In fact, he also offers many bowls of vegetables and dairy products (appetisers and side dishes to accompany the meat) on his menu, a good proposal of vegetarian dishes for our friends who hate plants so much that they only want to eat them.
And then, who knows... maybe seeing a plate of hot, succulent bowlers paraded before their eyes might change their minds!

Here, then, are some hard facts and proven benefits that a diet that also includes red meat can bring to our bodies:

First rule: TOO MUCH IS TOO MUCH, as our grandmothers used to say.
Meat, in fact, is a very nutritious food that brings a lot of energy to our bodies if eaten in the right quantities.
It is rich in protein and has a high biological value. It has an incredible variety of essential amino acids, which makes it easy to absorb, and the high creatine content stimulates increased energy in the body.
Eating red meat once or twice a week is a good balance.

- HOLDS THE LINE Fatty acids also promote muscle mass gain and fat loss.
- BALANCED DIET, ALWAYS Meat contains iron, sodium potassium and zinc, which among other things promote testosterone synthesis.

ATTENTION: this does not mean that just eating meat will make you a nice piece of beef!
Eating meat should always be accompanied by healthy physical activity and a varied and balanced diet certainly also complete with vegetables, fish and carbohydrates!

When talking about meat, it is also important and necessary to talk about how it is cooked.
When meat is cooked, benzopyrenes, hydrocarbons harmful to health, are formed by combustion, which are those burnt crusts on meat during cooking.
Excessive and immoderate consumption of burnt meat is not recommended. One good steak a week grilled properly, properly grilled, does no harm and is not harmful.
Anyone who really knows how to grill meat knows very well how to get the crust to form the right, succulent crust and avoid scorch marks, which not only hurt but also leave a bitter, unpleasant aftertaste.

Now that you have discovered all the benefits of meat, don't you fancy a nice steak?
Come and discover our breed of the month, the Chianina, and ask our Mannarini for a T-bone steak with the maturation of your choice!