The History and Origins of Bombette

The Story of the Bowlers The Mannarino
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The History and Origins of Bombette

Dear fellow frequenters of the most carnivorous blog there is, today we do not want to talk to you about a simple recipe, nor a traditional dish.

Today we want to talk about a real lifestyle coming from the heart of Apulia and which is increasingly winning the hearts of the Milanese. I know what you are thinking, and yes, there are indeed more Apulians in Milan than in Bari, but this in no way detracts from the exceptional taste of what has become a legend throughout the city.

We are talking, of course, about our workhorse, or rather, warhorse: the Bombette Pugliesi. Esteemed queen of the coals, undisputed champion of typical street food, the bowler hat is one of the unmissable specialities of traditional Apulian cuisine, and butcher Mannarino has decided to satisfy the taste buds of Milanese gourmets with his tasty treat.

Without wasting any further praise, let's find out together what the origins of this exceptional delicacy are.

This tradition was born and grows in the Valle d'Itria, the beating heart of Apulia, an area filled with culinary traditions that run through the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto.Of all the villages in the valley, two in particular have made 'bombette' their raison d'être.

One of these is Martina Francawhere it seems that over forty years ago bowler hats began to proliferate, the other Cisterninoa town that has made the bowler hat its most recognisable symbol, yet the origin of this recipe is not only disputed between the two municipalities, but is shrouded in a veil of mystery and a hint of magic.

What seems to be certain, however, is the origin of the name Bombette: because they are a real taste explosion.

It is essential that the size of these rolls remain small (Il Mannarino always pays close attention to this), allowing them to be bitten into in one bite, savouring them voraciously one after the other, savouring their filling that literally 'explodes in the mouth' with a thousand flavours.

According to tradition, the Pugliese 'bombetta' can only have one strict version: a roll of pork neck stuffed with salt, pepper and small cheese, cooked in the traditional 'fornelli pugliesi', i.e. old neighbourhood butcher shops equipped with an oven or brazier. But, like all ancient recipes, with time came the need to experiment with new flavours and adapt to today's tastes, without losing the quality of its traditional origins. That is why numerous variations and interpretations have been made of it, combined with ever different ingredients. But what makes such a simple dish so good is, above all, the quality of the ingredients used to prepare it, which make bombette an excellent and tasty dish, to be enjoyed on any occasion.

Bombette pugliesi are just one of the many delicacies offered by butcher Mannarino, come and discover our rich menu at our butcher's counters.

We are waiting for you in via Carlo Tenca 12 and in our historical location in Piazza de Angeli!

Look for our toothpicks we leave at events and take advantage of a free bowler hat.

Those who have tried it claim that it is addictive and have become addicted to it so... taste at your own risk!"

Disclaimer: bowlers do not cause any kind of collateral damage... abusing them is a pleasure not to be missed!