Stefano... The First Mannarino

the first mannarino

Recent archaeological excavations have uncovered some very rare finds that can be traced back to the first, unique and legendary Mannarino.
Until now, its origins have been shrouded in mystery, but information has finally emerged that may lead us to some explanation.

The Mannarino Academy - Educational dinner

When we were children and were asked at school 'what job do you want to do when you grow up?' no one answered 'butcher'. Time has passed and today we want to revive and make known this noble art and all the excellent products it handles. In fact, the Academy of Butchery is opening!

One, two, three, four... Arrosticini...

Arrosticini Il Mannarino

Between Apulian 'bombette pugliesi', ribs and grandma's meatballs - you know - butcher Mannarino never sends you home hungry and is always ready to offer you the various specialities on his counter. And one, in particular, has conquered the hearts and bellies of many with its unbeatable taste. We are talking about the arrosticino, a typical Abruzzo kebab made with lamb meat and barbecued.

The History and Origins of Bombette

The Story of the Bowlers The Mannarino

Today we want to talk about a real lifestyle coming from the heart of Apulia and which is increasingly winning the hearts of the Milanese. I know what you are thinking, and yes, there are indeed more Apulians in Milan than in Bari, but this in no way detracts from the exceptional taste of what has become a legend throughout the city.

Meat maturation, why is it important?

meat the mannarino milan

To best explain meat maturation, let us start with a concept that is as simple as it is underestimated, perhaps even taboo: when the animal dies, its meat undergoes a series of biochemical processes that lead very slowly to decomposition.

Zampina di Sammichele: a Unesco heritage site

Among the wide selection of our meats, there is a dish that may seem niche but attracts gourmets from all quarters. We are talking about the Zampina di Sammichele, a traditional sausage that has been sweeping the hearts of the people of Bari and beyond for generations. In fact, if this curious speciality was born in Sammichele di Bari, today it has spread throughout Apulia and more recently has even immigrated to Milan!

Christmas comes with the Friesian breed

chosen from meat

This particular variety is also called the European Wagyu and is often compared to the Rubia Gallega for the tenderness of its meat. However, these comparisons seem to do justice to the quality of this breed, as confirmed by the last World Steak Challenge in London, where the Finnish breed took home no less than four gold medals, being awarded the best steak in the world.

Chef in Camicia VS Bombetta Challenge

Bombetta challenge The Mannarino

Il Mannarino has seen its fair share of things in the months it has been open, but three elegant poached chefs doing battle to the sound of bowler hats was still missing!
In fact, the Mannarino was the scene of a no-holds-barred challenge featuring our friends from Chef in Camicia.

All the benefits of a carnivorous diet

It is good for our brain development, skeletal and muscle growth, and even increases fertility.
Last week some unfortunate person informed our Mannarino that there are people in the world who do not eat meat by choice. He was genuinely shocked by this and has been sitting on a stool in the butcher's shop ever since, staring at his cleavers and beloved bowler hats spinning in the rotisserie.

Republic of Bombettes

The word has already spread all over Milan: the neighbourhood wives have been talking of nothing else for weeks, the church parvises are overrun with whispers, the sciureas in the city centre gates are exchanging fleeting glances at the market, and even the children playing in the square have only one thing on their minds...