Christmas at the Mannarino

daddy mannarino

Reading Time: 2 minutes Christmas at the Mannarino And like every year, the days grow shorter, the cold weather arrives and with it the snow. The chimneys begin to puff and the little lights to illuminate our streets. Christmas is coming and it's making itself felt more and more, it manages to sweeten and warm even the most difficult moments [...]

Stefano... The First Mannarino

the first mannarino

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recent archaeological excavations have unearthed some very rare finds that can be traced back to the first, unique and legendary Mannarino. Until now, his origins have been shrouded in mystery, but information has finally emerged that may lead us to some explanation. We are not talking about a caveman, but Stephen, the first legendary Mannarino.Some [...]

One, two, three, four... Arrosticini...

Arrosticini Il Mannarino

Reading Time: 3 minutes One, two, three, four... Arrosticini... Have you ever heard of Mannarino's Arrosticini? It's impossible you haven't noticed them in front of his meat counter... Between Apulian 'bombette pugliesi', ribs and grandmother's meatballs - as you know - the butcher Mannarino never sends you home hungry and is always ready to offer you his [...]