Christmas at Il Mannarino!????????

Take a breath, clear your thoughts, make a wish... I super packs of Mannarino have finally arrived ???? all to taste and full of surprises! Gourmands of the world come together because what we are proposing is unprecedented: two special gift baskets you can't do without!

Super Natalon and Natalino!

For those who want a big Christmas, there will be Natalone, a box containing gastronomic excellences from all over Italy... from handmade Mantuan Salami to Cacio Siciliano DOP, from handmade and dried Apulian orecchiette to the typical Apulian Taralli, and even Primitivo del Mannarino IGP and Pistacchiella spreadable cream, super tasty for panettone and pandoro!

If, on the other hand, you want to give a nice gift, are superstitious but don't want to give up a bit of goodness, there's Natalino, the alternative that offers you a pre-cooked cotechino (pork sausage) prepared by hand with lean meat, lentils from Norcia IGP grown in the Monti Sibillini National Park, and Prosecco Fiol DOC with an elegant alcoholic note, perfect to toast the New Year. And to finish, the unfailing Taralli pugliesi del Mannarino!

Natalone and Natalino can be found in neighbourhood butcher shops or on our online butcher shop, what are you waiting for? Stop, we haven't told you everything yet...

This Christmas, as in previous ones, The Mannarino is committed to helping those who need it most. Those who, in recent years, are unable to take a hot meal home or who, indeed, have no home at all.

In what way?

With the suspended package... We thought we would ask many friends and Mannarino Lovers to give up a little: once they receive their Christmas parcel, they will realise that something will be missing inside it.

In fact, the lentils and cotechino they do not receive will go to help the families of the less fortunate.


The proceeds from our suspended products will be donated to theFood Bank Association to help people in need.

To find out more go to Banco Alimentare and donate again to those in real need.

Visit the site


Happy Holidays dear reader!????

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