Become a real Mannarino! 🔥

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Dear friends and meat lovers here is Il Mannarino

writing to you and announcing the launch of his new App!
Have you downloaded it yet? Haven't you? What are you waiting for?
È fast, simple e fun!
Once downloaded, you can accumulate points to receive many discounts and benefits!

"With what purchases," you may ask, "do I accumulate points?
But it's so easy: with everyone!

Shopping at the butcher's shop, visiting us for lunch or dinner in our stores

or by ordering a large parcel on our online butcher's shop!


It's time to get involved! And do you know why?
Because point after point you will reach one goal after another and believe us, you will be delighted!
Here are the goals to be achieved:
INTENDER - you have a lot of meat to slice!
MANNARINO HELP - bravo! 5% lifetime discount for you
MANNARINO - the bench is your kingdom! You have earned the 10% discount for life
CAPE MANNARIN - meat has no more secrets for you! 10% lifetime discount + 10€ for your monthly shopping

Well? Did we convince you to download the app? Are you ready to become one of the family?
Flame the embers and sharpen the axe, WE GO!

Download it on your iPhone or on the your Android!