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The Mannarino was born from the passion for meat of three young friends with the dream of reviving the ancient 'art' of butchery.

The term 'mannarino' denotes the heavy kitchen knife with which village butchers cut meat on the counter, and over time, this word has come to identify the butcher of choice in the popular lexicon.

Our neighbourhood butcher shops are a reference point for those who like to buy top-quality meat directly at the counter, exchanging a chat and asking for the valuable advice of their trusted Mannarino, as they used to do in the old days.

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But the Mannarino of the new millennium is not simply your trusted butcher: our butcher shops with kitchens offer the possibility of enjoying freshly cut meat at the counter directly at your table, accompanied by traditional culinary specialities and a good glass of Mediterranean wine... CHOCOLATE, CUT, GRILLED!

For us, the table is that special place where friends can get together and enjoy every moment together. We like to create the atmosphere in our butchers' shops that you breathe during one of the family Sunday lunches that we have all experienced in our lives: between chatting, laughter and good food, happiness can be found!

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We stand for love of tradition and the land. We love to offer a fun and healthy way to eat, we search for the best meats in Italy and around the world and always prepare them by hand with care, professionalism and love.

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In our neighbourhood butcher shops we offer meat raised respecting the '5 Rights of Animals' (1. Freedom from hunger, thirst and poor nutrition, 2. Freedom to have a proper physical environment, 3. Freedom from disease, injury and trauma, 4. Freedom to have enough space, 5. Freedom from fear), promoting traditional cuisine with the best meat and gourmet products, selected at every stage of the chain from highly qualified suppliers.


Being Mannarino is not just a choice, it is a lifestyle, a privilege.

Each Mannarino is selected for their propensity and skills, we have created a team of talents from all over Italy, united by their passion for meat and the experience gained in historic village butcher shops, where respect for tradition is a real reason for living.

Our Mannarini share their passion for this ancient art with their customers and make their secrets available to make them feel part of our family.

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