Christmas at the Mannarino

daddy mannarino
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Christmas at the Mannarino
And like every year, the days get shorter, the cold weather arrives and with it the snow.
The chimneys begin to puff and the little lights to illuminate our streets.
Christmas is coming and getting more and more noticeable, it manages to sweeten and warm even the most difficult moments and make room for some happiness.
But where is Happiness to be found?
It is a question that, especially during this strange, difficult and very hard year, we have asked ourselves many times.
Everyone sought their own answer.
Some have found some happiness by stocking up on yeast and baking homemade cakes, some have discovered new friends in their neighbours across the street, and some have tried new technology and dancing in their living rooms for the first time.
Some have sung from balconies, others have not missed summer parties. Some have been alone for a long time rediscovering themselves and some have experienced immense joy in helping people in need.
In this 2020 bordering on the impossible, everyone had to find their strength and happiness in the simplest things in life.
Mannarino, for his part, has discovered many new meat-loving friends and has found happiness in filling the homes of Italians with bombette, arrosticini and all his specialities.
In a short time, the Mannarino parcels have gone from being a pleasant novelty to becoming a tradition for many families, a tradition that can only continue during the Christmas season.
That's why Milan's best-loved butcher has three different Christmas packages ready for you, as well as butcher's products typical of this time of year, The Stuffed Capon, The Tonned Calf!
Whether you were good or bad doesn't matter, Santa Mannarino still brings gifts to everyone for Christmas.
Whoever you are and however you want to celebrate Christmas, the Mannarino has the right package for you.
- The Santa Mannarino package is the perfect gift pack: handmade panettone, DOC prosecco and traditional Apulian taralli made in Mannarino!
- The Finally 2021 package, on the other hand, is the right choice for those who cannot wait for this year to end and to celebrate the most eagerly awaited midnight in history: artisanal panettone, DOC prosecco, the much-loved taralli pugliesi, hand-tied artisanal cotechino and lentils!
- The 7 Giorni A Tavola (7 Days at the Table) package, finally, is the ultimate festive package because there is always a new Monday to start your diet: DOC prosecco, artisan panettone, taralli pugliesi, hand-tied artisan cotechino, lentils, local salami from Italian pork, canestrato di Moliterno among the oldest products of the Italian dairy tradition, and fresh handmade orecchiette! No need to say more, is there?
The Mannarino also offers the possibility of sending Christmas parcels to people we love, whether near or far, complete with a personalised greeting message!
NB Not everyone, however, will be able to celebrate during these holidays as we are used to doing.
At the beginning of 2020, there were 5 million people living below the absolute poverty line, without access to basic necessities, a figure that has risen exponentially with the pandemic.
That is why you can help do good on our website, with a simple click you can donate 1€ or even more to those less fortunate than you.
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