Il Mannarino
for food bank

The Mannarino turns on the cooker to support Banco Alimentare in the noblest of endeavours: helping those in need! With its donation, the Mannarino helps to distribute 200 meals a week.

Your donation will go directly to Banco Alimentare della Lombardia in an anonymous form.

Help us donate a meal to those in need now!

5000: number of meals prepared
3000: families helped
15000: the portions of ragout donated

The mission is the recovery of surpluses from the agri-food chain (agricultural producers, industry, distribution and catering) for free distribution to partner charities committed to supporting people in food poverty.

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The Mannarino together
at caritas of giussano

The Mannarino accepted Caritas Giussano's request and contributes to the distribution of parcels to needy families.

From March 2020 to September 2021, Caritas Giussano delivered to the most fragile families more than 3000 food parcels, corresponding to more than 11,000 food supports individual.

In addition, financial contributions in the total amount of approximately € 30,000.00 for the payment of bills and medical expenses.
The pandemic caused an increase in requests for food support of 145% faced thanks to the donations of many benefactors and the commitment of more than 130 Caritas volunteers who delivered the food parcels to the assisted families to their homes on average every fortnight.