Il Mannarino is in Brescia!

Reading Time: 2 minutes LA BOCA L'È MAI STRÀCÄ SE LA SA MÌA DE COSTATA !The Mannarino, neighbourhood butcher's shop with kitchen, is ready for a new adventure: Brescia we have arrived, heat up the grills! Italy's best-loved butcher's shop with kitchen has crossed the Milanese border for the second time, arriving directly in Brescia! Your new trusted butcher's shop, [...]

Happy Birthday Mannarino!

Reading Time: < 1 minute It has already been 3 years since Il Mannarino opened its first butcher's shop in Piazza De Angeli in Milan. Butcher's shop with kitchen, restaurant, meeting place, laughter and good food ❤️ 3 years of spinning bowlers and new openings, 3 years of smiles and satisfaction, of sacrifices and hard work, 3 years of [...]

Grill In The Farmhouse!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sunday in Cascina Pizzo among Strawberries and Bombettes - 24 April 2022 Mannarino goes out of town for a unique occasion! In collaboration with CentroFrutta on Sunday 24 April we are waiting for you for an unprecedented event: among rows of peach trees and tulips in bloom, in contact with nature and spring air, with live music and [...]

Goodbye 2020 and thank you for everything.

farewell 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes The worst year in history is finally coming to an end. This 2020 has taken a lot from us, but it has also taught us the value of small things. We have learnt to appreciate noisy neighbours, those who hang paintings at 9am on a Sunday morning but with whom we sang every night outside the balconies, we have [...]

Mannarino Academy - Guide to the end-of-year exams!

Mannarino Academy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Put yourself to the test with Il Mannarino Academy It is exam time for all students in Italy and Il Mannarino has also decided to put its students to the test. The Il Mannarino Academy has reopened its doors, where the legendary neighbourhood butcher provides his students with all the secrets of [...].

The Mannarino Academy - Educational dinner

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Academy of The Mannarino - The Academy of The Mannarino: an educational dinner at the butcher's shop to learn all the secrets of meat! When we were children and were asked at school 'what job do you want to do when you grow up?' nobody answered 'butcher'. Time has passed and today we want to revive and get to know this noble art and all [...]

Fires in Australia - The Mannarino saves Koala

the mannarino koala

Reading Time: < 1 minute Australia's wildfires have destroyed much of its forests and with them the animals that lived in them The fire situation in Australia does not look set to improve in the short term. Indeed, the fire season is still long and temperatures, which have already reached an all-time high, are expected to continue [...]

Zampina di Sammichele: a Unesco heritage site

Reading Time: 2 minutes "La Zampina di Sammichele: much more than just a sausage'. The speciality of il butcher Mannarino is the now well-known Apulian 'bombette pugliesi', yet the succulent meat rolls are not the only Apulian meat recipe you can find in our butcher's shop, quite the contrary. Among the wide selection of our meats, there is one dish that [...]

Chef in Camicia VS Bombetta Challenge

Bombetta challenge The Mannarino

Reading Time: < 1 minute Chef in Camicia VS Bombette In the months since it opened, Il Mannarino has seen it all, but three elegant poached chefs doing battle to the sound of bombettes was still missing! The Mannarino was in fact the scene of a no-holds-barred challenge starring our friends [...].

Republic of Bombettes

Reading Time: < 1 minute Repubblica delle Bombette The King of the Butchers of Milan doubles the meat counter by opening a new butcher's shop in the Repubblica area, for the occasion renamed Repubblica delle Bombette. The word has already spread all over Milan: the neighbourhood wives have been talking of nothing else for weeks, the church parvises are invaded by whispers, the sciureas of [...].